During the last 20 or so years I have written many tracks which are a fusion of - ambient, dance, trance, drum 'n' bass and sleazy jazz. In 1999 I released my first 'real' album which contained tracks from all of the above genres.

Since then I have written many new tunes which have remained mostly unreleased. Some time ago I decided that rather than release new music in a single album which covered all the genres, I would instead group my various tracks in to themed compilations giving them a more natural flow from start to finish through the whole album. What I have now are several albums, each one winding its own path and taking you on its own journey.

With the explosion of the internet my music has been used in many ways and in many places from internet radio stations, TV dramas, corporate presentations, student projects, video games, personal videos and even in trailers for F1 racing.

On the following pages you'll find plenty of info, descriptions, artwork and the occasional video to go with each of the albums. There are also links that will let you stream or download the MP3s.  If you like the albums you can download them free for personal listening from Jamendo.  If you would like to use them commercially many are also available from the Jamendo Pro site for very little cost.

I'd love to hear what you think about my music so feel free to send me a comment using the contact page. Its the feedback I get from people that drives me to carry on releasing tunes.

I hope you enjoy my music ...

...::: Sion :::...

Playlist27 Tracks In Total

  • 1
    the cycle of life

    "the cycle of life" from butterflies and rainbows by sion.

  • 2
    gentle massage

    "gentle massage" from butterflies and rainbows by sion.

  • 3
    space groove 3

    "space groove 3" from butterflies and rainbows by sion.

  • 4
    virus vintage

    "virus vintage" from butterflies and rainbows by sion.

  • 5
    organic ambient

    "organic ambient" from butterflies and rainbows by sion.

  • 6
    the cycle of life (deepmind pulsar reprise)

    "the cycle of life (deepmind pulsar reprise)" by sion.

  • 7
    the lost smoky jazz dub track

    "the lost smoky jazz dub track" by sion.

  • 8
    smoky jazz dub – countdown – cut ending

    "smoky jazz dub - countdown - cut ending" by sion.

  • 9
    one final thought ….

    "one final thought ...." from butterflies and rainbows by sion.

  • 10
    moon dance

    "moon dance" from ambients by sion.

  • 11

    "innerspace" from ambients by sion.

  • 12
    stars at night

    "stars at night" from ambients by sion.

  • 13
    rain on a lonely night

    "rain on a lonely night" from ambients by sion.

  • 14

    "freefalling" from ambients by sion.

  • 15
    with a tear in my eye

    "with a tear in my eye" from ambients by sion.

  • 16
    fare well

    "fare well" from ambients by sion.

  • 17
    keep the music playing

    "keep the music playing" from Re-Energise by sion.

  • 18
    just believe

    "just believe" from Re-Energise by sion.

  • 19
    inside your soul

    "inside your soul" from Re-Energise by sion.

  • 20

    "whatever" from Re-Energise by sion.

  • 21
    After Hours

    "After Hours" from Smoky Jazz Dub by Sion.

  • 22
    Back for Coffee

    "Back for Coffee" from Smoky Jazz Dub by Sion.

  • 23

    "shuffle" from Smoky Jazz Dub by Sion.

  • 24
    the countdown

    "the countdown" from Smoky Jazz Dub by Sion.

  • 25
    good bye and so long

    "good bye and so long" from Smoky Jazz Dub by Sion.

  • 26
    interlude 2 – piano

    "interlude 2 - loss" from My secret book of dark dreams by Sion

  • 27
    in stasis

    "in stasis" by Sion.

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